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Investment in Arabic Content Consulting

Whether you’re a brand or an independent investor, before you decide investing in creating a video asset, you’ll need a 5- year projection on the video asset’s scope of distribution to determine the potential eye ball yield and the potential ROI generated from a well- windowed distribution plan.

Scope Of Distribution: As recently as last year, Over 70% of the annual Arabic content production was produced for the month of Ramadan. With that in mind, when we create a 5- year projection for a video asset, we take into account many factors such as seasonality, genre, cast, dialect, and other factors to determine where and how often the video asset can be licensed. This is summarized in a Distribution plan, and presented with a projected eye ball yield as well as ROI over 5 years.

Return on Investment Projection: Just like any investment, a video asset is expected to break even and return some profit within at least 5 years. A proper distribution plan is crucial to get a proper picture of the kind of ROI expected. The distribution plan requires in-depth knowledge of the Content Market, the windowing process, the buying entities, and approximate licensing values these entities can afford to pay. We are able to offer you that insight.

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