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We’ll help you with everything you need to know about the dynamics of the Entertainment content market in the Arab world.

Based on this, you can figure out the size of the opportunity for your content, how much time or money is worth investing for expanding into this market, and how to go about doing Content business in the region.

MENA Content Market Newcomers

If you’re a content Distributor/ Aggregator with an amazing content catalog, and you want to reach content buyers in the Arab world, we can help!

The MENA region is home to more than 700 sattelite TV Channels, more than 20 OTT platforms and IPTV networks, all in need of different types of Entertainment Content.

It might be helpful to first get a basic market entry report about the Middle East TV Content Market, which includes answers to the following questions:

1. how big is the MENA content Market? What is the size of the opportunity for your content offering?

2. What are the deal values like?

3. How do buyers and sellers typically transact?

4. What drives the buying decisions in MENA?

5. who are the main Content buyers in the MENA region?

A Break down of Telco’s Vs OTT platforms Vs Linear channels

6. What Genres are most in demand in the MENA region? What genres are not in demand?

A break down of the popular genres acquired (in demand) in the region and Identifying any Content gaps

7. An overall view of the content market dynamics in the MENA region: seasonality of acquisitions, dubbing and subtitling requirements and costs/ bulk deals.

Co-production opportunities in MENA

Whether you’re a content creator with a great story for the MENA region, or you’re looking to get your successful format adapted in the region, we will point you to the right direction.

There are 100’s of Arabic Production houses in the MENA region. However, not too many of those have the capacity to produce high- value drama/ film/ entertainment content. The ones that do often already have bulk commissioned deals with big regional TV Networks or Platforms. Now, more than ever before, there are huge opportunities for Content collaborations- as demand for Arabic Content is booming and not yet met by the supply capacity currently available in the region.

CoProduction MatchMaking: If you’re seeking a production partner, Let us have a look at your pitch or Format. We have network of more than 500+ production companies/ broadcasters/ platforms. We will be able to make some recommendations on potential co-production partners, and we’ll provide you some exclusive insight on things like IP negotiations, Distribution scope, or Localization and regional adaptation requirements/ challenges if any. We will then introduce you to the right targets.

Content Pitching/ Fundraising: If you’re pitching an idea in attempt to get it commissioned by a platform of TV Network, you might find them willing to acquire it as finished content rather than invest in its production. In such cases, your pitch might require some tweaking, particularly if It’s Arabic Content. If you don’t have an Arabic production track record, you’ll need demonstrate how your pitch will generate ROI for the potential partner. We will help you build that pitch and introduce you to the right partners.


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