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The MENA region is made up of 22 Arabic Speaking countries, with more then 30 dialects. When it comes to content dubbing/ localization, there are 4 main dialects commonly used, depending on the genre of the content.

Dubbing/ Subtitling: Spanish telenovelas are commonly dubbed into the Syrian dialect, or white arabic. Bollywood and Korean imported content follow the same pattern. Dubbing can be a little pricey, so it is important to know which type of Arabic to dub your samples if you want to start pitching foreign language libraries. It is also important to choose the right dubbing partner, as platforms usually have strict dialect and language standards .

Format Adaptations: There is a huge market for format adaptations in the MENA region. Big TV networks have a preference for format names that have a proven track record in other countries, and many are open to new ideas. Submit your pitches and we’ll be able to match make you to the right partner, using our extensive knowledge of the MENA content market current trends, needs, and gaps.

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